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Baby not gaining enough weight.

Bhavya 4 Rep.


My baby is 10weeks and she is not gaining weight significantly. She is gaining 200gm in 15days. Her birth weight was 3.1kg and now at 10th week she is still 4kg. LC advised to give top up(formula) 60ml three times. Is this sufficient for 10week baby to gain weight. I’m unable to pump as I cannot get even 10ml while pumping and I gave up. Please help me to bring my baby to gain weight.

Philippa Pearson-Glaze answered ago
    Philippa Pearson-Glaze 292 Rep.

    It is difficult to advise on specific volumes without a full history. A general feeding plan for a low gaining baby, to discuss with your baby’s paediatrician and your IBCLC lactation consultant, can be found in Supplementing an Underweight Baby There is also more information about low gaining babies in Baby Not Gaining Weight and Understanding You Baby’s Weight Chart By weighing your baby regularly and staying in close and regular contact with your baby’s health professionals, you will be able to check how any plan is working and you can increase the supplements as needed if your baby is not gaining weight adequately.

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