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Cutting down feeds

Chathurani Jayaratne 2 Rep.

Hi Phillippa, My baby is 11 months old and she was breastfed on demand until recently but I have now cut down on feeds now to 3 feeds in the day – after waking, after lunchtime nap and before bedtime. She doesn’t feed at night. The reason I have done this is to make her hungrier for solids, but I do want to continue breastfeeding for a few more months, and even then only stopping as we would like to try for baby #2. My question is, is it a good idea to cut down feeds this much given I do want to continue for a while longer? Thank you!

Philippa Pearson-Glaze answered ago
    Philippa Pearson-Glaze 312 Rep.

    Hi there, it really depends on the individual baby as to whether cutting down breastfeeds to a set number per day could trigger weaning altogether. Breast milk continues to be the perfect food to compliment solids as your baby develops through their second year, you can read more about this in How Long Should I Breastfeed? As you and your little one are not ready to stop breastfeeding yet but you are keen to optimise your fertility ready for baby #2 you might find the following article useful Can You Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding and the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. I hope that helps 🙂

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