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Emotional support for stopping breastfeeding

karleykobe12 2 Rep.

This ? is for my daughter, she is breastfeeding/pumping and wants/needs to stop for her mental health but is feeling guilty.  She works also, so what is the fastest way to stop or make her feel ok with it.

Philippa Pearson-Glaze answered ago
    Philippa Pearson-Glaze 292 Rep.

    The article How to Stop Breastfeeding may be helpful and has a section on stopping quickly. If your daughter doesn’t really want to stop breastfeeding (you mention she is feeling guilty) she could always contact an IBCLC lactation consultant to check her options and offer support. An IBCLC will also be able to support her in stopping breastfeeding. If medications are needed before breastfeeding has ended, many are compatible with breastfeeding see Medications and Breastfeeding.

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