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Has anyone used a supplemental nursing system (SNS)?

Philippa Pearson-Glaze 312 Rep.

What are your top tips for supplementing at breast? Which do you recommend out of the medela SNS, the Lact-Aid or a homemade system?

lvas answered ago
    Cheryl Dawn Marian, IBCLC, RLC 6 Rep.

    Starting out with a homemade system is a nice way to see if you will like it.  If you only did it temporarily it’s an efficient, inexpensive method.  The tubing is firmer and helps you to get the hang getting it your baby’s mouth.

    The Medela SNS is nice because the flow does not totally depend on a strong, correct suck but can be put at different levels and with different size tubing to adjust to your baby’s needs.

    Many mother’s like the Lact-Aid because it is more easily concealed under clothing, more comfortable, the baby must suck correctly so will learn to nurse better and mom can lie down and be in different positions.

    All have there place and what one mother likes another may find something about the lactation aid that she does not like.  It takes a little trial and error.

      lvas 9 Rep.

      I used a homemade SNS for 3-4 months for between 1 and 4 feeds a day. It took a while to get used to and trial and error how to get it working best, sometimes held it on nipple and latched on sometimes slipped it in once attached. At times it didn’t help with my son’s lazy latch as he could get milk from the tube even with a very shallow latch and almost sucking on it like a straw. I would definitely advise a homemade system first because I got on fine with it (although never used it out and about) so didn’t need to buy one.

      Philippa Pearson-Glaze edited answer ago
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