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How can i help my possibly colicky son?

Mhennessy08 10 Rep.

My son seems to be exhibiting all of the signs of colic, even though he’s only 3 weeks old today. He definitely feeds in abundance, and he is feeding at least 20 minutes of every hour throughout the day. He chokes a lot when he feeds, and he also seems to guzzle the milk quite often. I burp him, but he doesn’t always burp for me when I do. His abdomen is almost always quite distended, and he seems very uncomfortable a lot of the time while also being very gassy. Is there something I’m doing wrong or something I can do better to help him? I feel terrible and helpless right now

Philippa Pearson-Glaze answered ago
    Philippa Pearson-Glaze 312 Rep.

    It sounds like it would be helpful to have an appointment with an IBCLC lactation consultant to help identify the most likely reasons for your baby’s discomfort. With a one to one discussion they would be able to take a full history, watch a breastfeed, check your baby’s weight chart and nappy count and make tailored suggestions to help. In the meantime The Fussy Breastfed Baby or Oversupply of Breast Milk may offer some ideas for you.

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