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how do you get a bottle-fed baby to breastfeed?

cadenwilliam 2 Rep.

MY baby was born tongue tied. Wasn’t discovered until 4 days after birth. My milk didn’t come in until week later. Had the tongue clipped . Meet with a lactation consultant. Her instructions were to pumped to get milk supply where it needs to be,and bottle-fed what I pump.  I was to recreational breastfeed,(never understood what that meant)  just focus on your supply she said .MY milk supply is where it needs to be. He is 8 weeks old now.I bring to the breast he refuses and screams.  How can I get him to breastfeed?

Philippa Pearson-Glaze answered ago
    Philippa Pearson-Glaze 292 Rep.

    Hi there,

    By recreational breastfeeding your lactation consultant might have meant to use breastfeeding for comfort and pleasure at first rather than worry about getting calories that way. But if your baby is screaming at the sight of the breast, the first thing to do is take a little break from trying to latch him on. Help him to associate being next to the breast and skin-to-skin with feeling safe, calm, and loved, instead of feeling tension and expectation. Smile at him, reassure him and talk to him, but without pressure to latch. If he is upset in the breastfeeding position, rescue him and hold him against your shoulder or upright between your breasts. After a few days of associating the breast with a happy safe place he will hopefully relax and be better focussed on tuning into his natural instinct to latch. Have you tried the ideas in How to Get Baby Back to the Breast?

    Good luck!

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