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Sudden loss of let down at 7 months

Catbertha 2 Rep.

I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding my baby (except for the first 10 days waiting for a tongue-tie procedure).  My baby is now 7 months old and we started weaning a month ago.  I’ve had no problems with breastfeeding up to now.  Then 2 days ago I had no let down at the evening feed.  My daughter got very upset.  Since then I have continued to try to breastfeed – sometimes it works (especially if she is patient and sucks for a long time) and sometimes it doesn’t.  Any advice much appreciated.  I have tried hot showers, massage, cold compressions, expressing.  I know it is a vicious circle as I now get anxious before and during an attempted feed, which doesn’t help!

Philippa Pearson-Glaze answered ago
    Philippa Pearson-Glaze 312 Rep.

    It sounds like it could be stress related and hopefully it will resolve very soon. You may find some of the ideas in Engorgement Relief When Milk Won’t Flow of interest.

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