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11 months ago Up vote question Managing rough feeding behaviour
12 months ago Commented Thank you so much for your reply. The restlessness and feeding a lot at night has happened since he was born, with little change to the pattern since I went back to work in January - the only difference there has been that he won't let my partner settle him or get him to sleep anymore. We've been looking into medical causes, and have just undertaken a hospital sleep study, so we'll see what that reveals when the full report is complete (they were surprised by just how restless he was, though there seemed to be nothing immediately obvious as to why). I did try an exclusion diet while he was exclusively breastfed, eating no dairy or soy for a month, but there was no discernible difference. His skin and breathing seem fine so I hadn't explored or thought more about allergies - do you think there's something else we could look at here? It is even worse when he's ill or teething, what I've described is the average night - and to be honest I'm almost resigned to this now. The roughness is the new thing that I'm finding hard, and he just constantly wants to feed whenever I'm around - getting very upset if he can't, which is upsetting for me, as I feel I unsettle him by my presence. He does feed well on solids when I'm not there, and drinks plenty of water. I'm trying to be clear and consistent that he's hurting me when he gets rough, but that's hard to do at night, when I'm trying to keep things subdued. Really appreciate your feedback, and if others have or have had a similar experience I would be really interested in how they've dealt with it. Thanks!
12 months ago Asked Managing rough feeding behaviour


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