Milky Moments

Milky Moments is a children’s book in rhyme that features breastfeeding; a rare find. The book starts with a snapshot of a busy birthday party where a baby and a toddler are breastfeeding; a little verse welcomes the reader to join the fun. Over the page we jump to a scene in hospital with a different mother cradling and feeding her newborn. We then turn the page to find another mother with a bigger baby feeding on a bed. Then to breastfeeding out and about with all different families; at a picnic in the park, on a beach, a bus ride, and visits to a playgroup, café and grandma’s house. I was a little confused at first when it jumped from a party to a poorly newborn in hospital to a verse about a puddle to something else, as I was expecting some continuity with a story woven through it. Instead, each illustration tells its own little tale which you can explore with your child and the story is breastfeeding.


Milky Moments has plenty to look at and talk about with children including finding Eric the bear and a breastfeeding child on every page. The illustrations are definitely the best part. I love that the book normalises breastfeeding and the pictures are all very accurate with good positioning too. Right at the end of the book is a page with all the characters’ faces next to their names. I think children will enjoy searching for who is who and matching which family they belong to. A lovely book for all children.




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