You, Me and the Breast

You, Me and the Breast is another beautifully illustrated book from Pinter & Martin’s children’s series featuring birth with a breastfeeding theme. The book starts with a picture from How You Were Born of baby having his very first breastfeed as a newborn. The story then follows the breastfeeding journey with everything from co-sleeping to carrying in a sling to weaning along the way. The little details in the pictures make the book a wonderful talking point for story time and all with the trademark happy bright colours, flowers and flowing hair. Although there aren’t many words on each page there is plenty to talk about with your little one.

You Me and Breast1000

The main theme of the book is as the title suggests; about breastfeeding. Mum is seen nursing her little one in various scenarios e.g. while reading a book (about breastfeeding!), talking on her mobile, feeding while shopping and even exercising. It’s a lovely book portraying breastfeeding as a normal, natural part of growing up.

I love that the mums from the baby group or coffee morning in How You Were Born are back again now each with their breastfed newborn and each in different colourful outfits. The final spread shows mum saying goodnight to her little boy holding a copy of the book she has just read.

As you got older you would ask me to tell you a story at bedtime, and from then on you have not needed to suckle any more to fall asleep.



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