To be added to our Lactation Consultant directory, please fill in the form below. Your IBCLC qualification will be checked against the IBLCE Registry before approval. Leaving this field blank or making up a number such as 12345 will cause automatic rejection.

You are signing up to a directory of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants appearing on Breastfeeding Support. Information included in this public directory will include your name, your business name, your contact details (phone/email/website) your location and any other information about your services that you wish to include. These details will be searchable by members of the public. Once approved, you can edit your data at any time without further approval and you may remove your entry at any time by contacting Please notify us if your IBCLC certification has lapsed so that you can be removed from the register. Breastfeeding Support will store your username, password and IBCLC number.

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